Why PSF?

Why Proof Smart Food?

Studies show 74 percent of the US population is either overweight or obese.  These staggering numbers have shot up since the non/low fat revolution where sadly sugar intake has doubled.  For the first time in history, our children (the next generation) will not out live the current generation.  35 percent of our children are now overweight and this number grows daily.   Studies also show over 600,000 people die a month in this country due to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  I have been a bodybuilder for 33 years and always had a passion for a healthy lifestyle.  From 40 to 48 years old, while working out 6 days a week; I was uncomfortable with my shirt off in public.  I thought if I am uncomfortable, gosh what does the average person feel?  Then I started noticing many adults stay covered up when it is hot out.  So I decided to change my life forever.  I knew what to do as I had been bodybuilding for a majority of my life.  I started a high protein lifestyle.  I don't believe in diets.  They don't work.  The human mind does not like to sacrifice and can only do it for a short period of time. I call it the yo yo effect.  Someone will decide to go on a "diet" and lose 10 pounds then get discourage or fall off the wagon and gain 15 pounds back. 

The key is adopting small changes in diet which consists of a high protein moderate carbohydrate lifestyle and one free of sacrifice.

For instance, a white chocolate mocha has 628 calories.  A nonfat sugar free vanilla Latte has 110 calories.  Just change that one thing and you will save 518 calories a day or 3,626 calories per week.  Since a pound of fat is 3,500 calories one would lose 1 plus pounds a week with just that one change. 

This is a picture of me at 51 years old, and less that 5% body fat.  I am never hungry and have an endless amount of energy yet a high protein lifestyle can be monotonous as how much chicken and egg whites can one person eat? 

This is why we started Proof Smart Food.  Proof Smart Food wants to give everyone the gift of great health, improved energy, and a high self-esteem.  The key was to come up with high protein food choices that taste great.  Our products are revolutionary, they taste as good as any high sugar product, and are very healthy.  We have contracted with one of the best food scientists in the country, Seth Cox.  With Mr. SETH COX we have developed Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin cookies with a barley base.  They taste amazing and made with no gluten.  The cookies are very low in carbohydrates and you get high energy without the sugar fall (body’s reaction to sugar is producing insulin) dropping blood sugar lower than when you ate the snack in the first place.

PROOF SMART FOOD INC. are in the works of producing Coffee Creamers and Pudding as well as a high protein, low cost meal replacements.  We will provide a chicken or steak base with brown rice and broccoli. With the pace of life these days, it is difficult to receive proper nutrition. People often miss meals and over eat later in the day. The goal is to have a way to increase protein without really knowing it, hence a Proof Smart Food.

 Our target is less than 10 dollars a day for two meals shipped to your door.  Eat a sensible breakfast and dinner and you will be amazed at the results.

We have started a Proof Lifestyle forum on social media with positive reinforcement.

This is just the beginning.  With over 160,000 children bullied a day due to weight, we now have a choice.  The Proof Smart Food lifestyle!  Please join me in making a difference! 


Thank you