We took home the Super Bowl Trophy at Expo West! by William Hogarty

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Six weeks ago I had a dream to bring Fitness Meals to market prior to Expo West.  It was a crazy and daring move, yet our amazing team made it happen.  By the attached picture you can see how overwhelming the response was.  There were over 100,000 visitors to the show. We had a high level of interest from national chains and national distributors.



William Hogarty CEO Lifelong passion for fitness, won 12 of 15 bodybuilding titles, Food Science Degree, Co-Author Amazon #1 best seller “Never Too Late For fitness” 

Roy Herman COO: Roy is VP of operations and excels at building products, engaging sales channels, creating profitable growth, upgrading employee engagement and improving quality at every opportunity. A consummate professional with innovative, strategic experience in the food industry leading companies and people to better performance.  

Andrew Holz CFO: Andrew is a California Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who loves taxes, believes in giving back to the community and cherishes his personal and family relationships. His professional knowledge ranges from examining large, multinational corporations in the State and Local Tax arena to helping out of state individuals, Limited Liability Companies and S Corporations streamline their tax compliance responsibilities.  

Joe Carter BDO:  heads up our Sales & Marketing efforts for our business in all Food Stores. He has been working in the F&B industry for many years working for companies like Unilever Foods, Nissin Foods, Kings Hawaiian and Otis Spunkmeyer. 

Brian Sherwood CMO: For almost 20 years  Brian has worked in the nutrition industry in many capacities including retail sales, sales management and training, product formulation, operations management, and corporate wellness education. He is very passionate about helping people achieve health and change their lives. 

Joe Fanelli CLO:  For the last twenty years Joe has worked with startups and mature businesses to transform their vision into sustainable, scalable growth. Joe has extensive, successful experience in managing supply chain, manufacturing, operations and sales from the street level to the C-level, recently serving as President & CEO of a start-up functional food bar company. 

Seth Cox: Food Scientist: Seth is a respected and published food scientist responsible for significant contributions to the products development of the Proof Smart Food Company’s product line. Seth is a top-ranking AIB International trained Baking Science and Technology graduate who’s background in baking science includes invention of the crust/dough for Hot Pocket Pot Pie as well as having invented the crust/dough for Lean Pocket Ultra.


Simply Delicious Protein Cookie!  16g protein, no added sugar, 14 net carbs, in Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin.  Won 3 taste test awards and 100’s of 5 start ratings.

Fitness Meals!  Frozen Gourmet low Carb Protein Meal 32g Protein, 5 Carbs, reduced sodium that taste amazing and have LARGE portions 

Sugar Free Power Truffle 200mg of caffeine sugar free.  Reb Bull has 84mg, nasty tasting and full of sugar! We got twice the kick, great tasting Chocolate with no sugar crash and half the price!  People love them!







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